SimWorx has extensive experience in the development of simulators and design tools for industry challenges like:

Cenpes / Petrobras – LabMeC/FEC/Unicamp:

  • ProPag: Simulator for Water Injection with Fracture Propagation.
  • IP3D: Well Productivity Index simulator combining both well and reservoir numerical models in a 3-D FEM application.
  • ProDiv: Analysis and Design tool for the specification and design evaluation of base pipe perforated-based Inflow Control Devices for horizontal and high-deviation completions.
  • SandMan: Expert tool for design and assessment of Sand Control devices.


  • UniKick 4.0: Post processing and support for the kick simulator.

Cenpes/Petrobras – FacTI:

  • SP3D: Expert tool for hydraulic fracture analysis focused on treatments in tight-gas sands reservoirs, including design, post-treatment productivity and mini-frac analysis.