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We are an engineering, research and development company, founded in 2007 by three postgraduate students, based on a research project of the Laboratory of Computational Mechanics of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP).


Leverage customers business effectiveness combining F.E.M. and A.I. technologies deployed in CAE Solutions and Consulting Services. Boost production capacity with complementary, tailor-made tools designed according to customers core requirements and values.


An Engineer and Data Scientist based team with deep knowledge in computational mechanics, numerical methods, software design and AI, with a wide experience in industry applications and proven know-how in the energy, oil, gas and engineering fields.

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WellWorx is a powerful simulator for well design, flow analysis and production optimization that couples the combined response and performance of both well and reservoir in well design tasks.

  • Horizontal, Vertical and Sloped wells (Long reach / extended wells).
  • Improved accuracy of the flow rate prediction with Transient or Stationary analysis.
  • Support for Oil or Gas flows for conventional and shale (unconventional) formations.
  • Supports a broad selection of completion components, accessories, sand control systems, well geometry etc. Handles complex reservoir characteristics.
  • Multi-staged / multi-fractured wells with Orthogonal or Co-linear Fracs.
  • Seamlessly compare different simulations yielding the optimal solutions.
  • Leverage your reservoir data importing the desired drainage area from Reservoir Simulators data files.
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